Large Air Whales Like Silence (a.k.a. L.A.W.L.S. or LAWLS Comic) being the story version of the series has been coined “Story Mode.” It is a mysterious romantic comedy with themes of pop culture, music, classic video games, and even a hint of magic lore. In this universe, animals can talk, whales can fly, and hats can have a deviously snarky attitude towards humans!
LAWLS Comic - Limit Break

Comic Preview of “Limit Break

“Come along on an adventurously awkward journey with the story’s main characters Joseph, Autumn, Cadence, and her pet monster Rudy, as they find themselves in the midst of a world of intrigue. While every character may have their own motivation for joining the party, one thing’s for sure, they all seem to have it in for Joseph.”

– Synopsis from L.A.W.L.S. Volume 1: Choking on Air

“It has gallons of talking hats with teeth, dapper whales, angry rocker chicks, and really ugly (some may say cute, but I don’t) monster thing that has so terrible speech impediment. Now, how can you go wrong with that?”

Scott Ferguson, creator of Nerf This

“The art is top notch and the writing is… spectacularly demented.”

-James Grant, artist of Two Lumps

“L.A.W.L.S. is the most (adverbly (adjective)) comic on the Internet. I, for one, would (verb) myself if Denis ever stopped (verb)ing it.” Fill in the blanks however you like. You’re welcome.”

-Joel Watson, creator of HijiNKS Ensue

“If you aren’t a fan of large air whales, don’t worry, their appearance is only brief. Instead you’ll find hammerspace hats, vampiric furries, villainous pop stars, and a platonic ménage à trois of heroes, all rendered in Denis’ eclectic style. LA.W.L.S. it up fuzzball.”

-Ryan Hudson, creator of ChannelATE


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Story Mode

L.A.W.L.S. - the original Large Air Whales Like Silence
May 13, 2013Designated Driver
May 01, 2013Bleeding Blind
Apr 15, 2013Presumptuous Cod
Apr 10, 2013Belligerent Sir
Apr 01, 2013Book 2
Jan 23, 2012Did Good
Jan 20, 2012Reckless Abandon
Jan 13, 2012Absolutely Useless
Jan 11, 2012THIS IS OVER!!
Jan 09, 2012Limit Break
Jan 06, 2012Purely Animalistic
Jan 04, 2012No0BeRY
Jan 02, 2012Poképerv
Dec 23, 2011What Treasures
Dec 21, 2011Vortexual
Dec 15, 2011ATM
Dec 07, 2011Fame Monster
Dec 02, 2011Break Through
Nov 29, 2011Run Player Game
Nov 25, 2011Bulimia Nervosa
Nov 21, 2011Tramp Stamp
Nov 03, 2011Maximum Carnage
Nov 01, 2011Sticking Up
Oct 27, 2011Crash Into Me
Oct 25, 2011I Like It Rough
Oct 20, 2011A Mouth Full
Oct 18, 2011Best in Show
Oct 13, 2011Disastrous Date
Oct 05, 2011Just Dance
Sep 23, 2011Bad Romance
Sep 16, 2011Music Speak
Sep 13, 2011Dumbstep
Sep 09, 2011The Septemberists
Sep 06, 2011Trigona
Sep 02, 2011Barkeep Creep
Aug 31, 2011Metal Beard
Aug 22, 2011Oh, Cay
Aug 19, 2011The Headache
Aug 17, 2011Emotsicle
Aug 12, 2011Tummy Adventure
Aug 08, 2011So Far Behind
Aug 05, 2011Eclectic Whore
Jul 22, 2011Emoti
Jul 18, 2011Smilephile
Jul 15, 2011Sway
Jul 13, 2011BITCHSLUT
Jul 11, 2011Losing Grip
Jul 06, 2011Girl Talk
Jul 01, 2011Monsterly Bathing
Jun 29, 2011Monsterdumb
Jun 15, 2011Drag Addiction
Jun 13, 2011Stick Stickly
Jun 10, 2011What Does It Mean?
Jun 08, 2011Methods of Mayhem
Jun 06, 2011Horrid Attire
Jun 03, 2011Homicidal Domicile
May 18, 2011Garbage Boy
May 16, 2011Pimp Yo Ride
May 13, 2011Mysterious Play
May 09, 2011Enough is Enough!
May 04, 2011The Cookie Monster
May 02, 2011Prioritease
Apr 29, 2011Important Things
Apr 27, 2011AD[ick]D
Apr 22, 2011Ladyfrand Foodies
Apr 20, 2011It's a Bad Way
Apr 18, 2011Run Baby Run
Apr 15, 2011Unless You're Khia
Apr 13, 2011Cry For Attention
Apr 11, 2011Self-Esteem Gleam
Apr 08, 2011Take It Like A Man
Apr 01, 2011A Bit Too Whedon
Mar 30, 2011Back That Up
Mar 18, 2011Culture Punch
Mar 11, 2011Playing Doctor
Mar 09, 2011Itchy & Scratchy
Mar 02, 2011All Grown Up
Feb 25, 2011Peek-A-Boo
Feb 23, 2011Gonzorrhea
Feb 16, 2011Mean Kimchi
Feb 07, 2011The Bean Scene
Feb 02, 2011Attention Getter
Jan 28, 2011Silent Fright
Jan 14, 2011Cute & Fluffy
Dec 31, 2010Devil's Advocate
Dec 27, 2010Lay Lady Lay
Dec 22, 2010Girl Prey
Dec 20, 2010Fur Affinity
Dec 15, 2010Invictus
Dec 13, 2010Sunrise, Sunset
Dec 10, 2010Protest Signs
Dec 08, 2010Whale for Vendetta
Dec 03, 2010Provocation
Dec 01, 2010A Reason to Wander
Nov 29, 2010Spirit Backs
Nov 22, 2010Helpy Helperton
Nov 17, 2010A Bastardly Body
Nov 15, 2010Rainbow Waker
Nov 10, 2010Delightfully Evil
Nov 08, 2010Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah
Nov 05, 2010A Whale's Tale
Nov 03, 2010Nature Calls
Oct 27, 2010Awkward Reality
Oct 20, 2010What's in a Name?
Oct 13, 2010Spirit Walk
Oct 05, 2010Wretched Human!
Oct 03, 2010Excusez Moi
Sep 29, 2010Burnt Out
Sep 27, 2010Hot Hot Heat
Sep 22, 2010Crash and the Boys
Sep 20, 2010Banzai Attack!
Sep 15, 2010Besties
Sep 08, 2010You Ain't No Mummy
Sep 01, 20108-Bit God
Aug 25, 2010Bleedin' Bigotry
Aug 23, 2010Lord of the Flies
Aug 16, 2010Death Charm
Aug 04, 2010Gesundheit
Aug 02, 2010Sing-Along Song
Jul 28, 2010Blowhole
Jul 19, 2010The Majestic
Jul 07, 2010God Awful
Jul 05, 2010Oh Em Gee
Jun 28, 2010For Heavens Sake
Jun 21, 2010Let's Get It On!
Jun 11, 2010Coprophilia
Jun 09, 2010Hammerspace
Jun 02, 2010Warheart
May 28, 2010Hazards of Love
May 21, 2010Hat Attack
May 12, 2010A Boy and His Hat
May 07, 2010MFEO pt.3
Apr 30, 2010One Fish, Two Fish
Apr 28, 2010How Hungry?
Apr 23, 2010Dancer in the Dark
Apr 16, 2010Fowl Humor
Apr 14, 2010A Tit Much
Mar 31, 2010Death of POGs
Mar 26, 2010A Poggy Past
Mar 19, 2010I Mean No Offense
Mar 10, 2010Existentialism


Autumn is a perky goth girl, who's known for her sexual promiscuity. She is the youngest of the cast, yet holds powers that equal to, if not stronger than Cadences. She uses dark "Shadow Magic," to cast spells and carries a black sword. Her sole mission in the [ Story Mode ] of L.A.W.L.S. is to hunt down and slay all the furries. In ALT. she still maintains a lot of her perky and promiscuous traits, but spends her free time playing computer games and teasing Joseph.

Comics: 109
Recent Appearance: Analysand
First Appearance: Freaks Come Out At Night


L.A.W.L.S. supposed main character, though, he is unremarkably uninteresting; in essence he is just your average Joe. Joesph is the guy who has a vendetta on the air-whales (in the L.A.W.L.S. story mode) and apparently a bunch of other living creatures along the way. This awkward guy has zero luck with girls, even though they seem to be drawn to him. He blindly carries a torch for Cadence, a girl he's liked since high school.

Comics: 165
Recent Appearance: Christmas Gnome
First Appearance: I Killed You Before...No?


An ex-rocker, from Los Angeles, California, Cadence loves music, pink (her signature color) and other girly things. Her old band "Atomic Flowers" gained her some level of notoriety in the local scene but most people had never heard of them. Though she may be cute, her fiery attitude (which she developed as a defense mechanism to scare off creepy dudes) has made it difficult for her to have friends, especially other girls. She has a thing for douche bros yet when it comes to nice guys like Joseph, she is absolutely oblivious.

Comics: 177
Recent Appearance: Analysand
First Appearance: Dance Till You're Dead


Cadence's pet, something or other. Rudy, aka Rudiger, is characterized by his immense hunger and poor language skills, which may make him appear stupid. Don't be food though, he is rather intelligent, especially when it comes to methods of finding food.

Comics: 82
Recent Appearance: Animagination
First Appearance: A Tit Much

Reeder Rabbit

Though he ay have recently taken a disliking to air whales, Reeder Rabbit is Joseph's arch-nemesis and a source of constant annoyance. he may be cute, but he sure is plump full of evil intent.

Comics: 19
Recent Appearance: Ask Hatticus: How Does Your Family Work?
First Appearance: I Killed You Before...No?


A nefarious little demon who sends the horrors of Reeder Rabbit back to the world after stitching him up with devilish love. He has an evil plan brewing around in his mind, in which Joseph is supposed to play a major role. Sadly, Joseph does not know this.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Reckless Abandon
First Appearance: Diabolical Vocabulary

Dapper Whale

Regardless of his sophisticated nature, this blue whale seems to have a sordid love for his local bar and voluptuous trollop who frequents said establishment.

Comics: 16
Recent Appearance: Selcouth
First Appearance: The Most Exquisite Moment


A hat who’s been tired of being passed around from dirty head to dirty head. Someone’s going to have to pay for whoring him out. Hatticus wants to destroy all mankind, or kill himself for lack of a better option. Unfortunately in the L.A.W.L.S. story line, a fairy tells him has has something important to do before he can die, so he's condemned to live a little longer.

Comics: 58
Recent Appearance: Ask Hatticus: How Do You Sex?
First Appearance: A Boy and His Hat

Annoying Navi

The stories most annoying character. She appears when she is annoyingly needed the most, with a rather annoying message about the future. The simple fact that she ruins the suspense about the future, is often also found annoying.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Spirit Backs
First Appearance: A Bastardly Body

Mr. Right

A member of the flying baleen family, this whale holds a vast level of knowledge and, surprisingly enough, an eye for style! Growing up around the good ol' Australian outback, he also has a sense of enthusiastic environmental activism.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Presumptuous Cod
First Appearance: The Majestic


A bird of immensely biased knowledge. He is grumpy because he finds most other creatures to be vastly stupid in comparison to himself, especially humans.

Comics: 27
Recent Appearance: Guest Strip by Kyatt of Beeserker
First Appearance: I Mean No Offense

Betta Fish

Alek & Alex, the bantering betta fish, are forbidden lovers. They fight day because it eats them up inside that they just can't get into the other bowl. Even if they finally did, what would happen? Sucks to be them.

Comics: 22
Recent Appearance: Bleeding Blind
First Appearance: How Hungry?


The guy who created this mess. The ultimate joke was that he created man, which would give him endless years of things to giggle about while floating in some clouds all day. :)

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Ectype
First Appearance: God said, "Meh" and Shrugged

Bean People

Born, in essence, to die. So cute, you almost want to take them home, don't you!?! Even if you did bring them home, cage them and take care of them, their fate is set in stone.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Guest Strip by Dan Long of EQComics
First Appearance: God said, "Meh" and Shrugged

Metal Beard

Autumn's roommate. Quiet and aloof, Metal Beard lives for the sound of metal music. He appreciates film, likes long walks in the dark, heavy metal that sounds like death, and being alone.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Designated Driver
First Appearance: Metal Beard

Pop Villain

The fiendlishly sexy pop star who will do anything for fame, and by anything, she means anything. Because of this, she has whored herself out to become the "Fame Monster" she is known to be today.

Comics: 23
Recent Appearance: Did Good
First Appearance: Bad Romance

Dapper Squid

The Dapper Squid, aka The Barkeep, knows everybody's name, and he's always glad you came. He's always where he can see, our troubles are all the same. And he'll wanna be where he knows your name! ...I'm beginning to suspect he may want to know a bit too much about the people who come into his bar.

Comics: 11
Recent Appearance: Potvaliancy
First Appearance: Barkeep Creep


Sold at Trendy Subject Matter in the mall. They were all the hype for a while. They mimic the closest living thing's emotional state and vary from brooches to headwear. They stopped being sold when too many girls became murderous over cheating boyfriends. The death rate that ensued halted production.

Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Emotsicle
First Appearance: Smilephile


She has to put on the red light, she sells her body to the night.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Enough is Enough!
First Appearance: It's a Bad Way

The Grouch

A childhood favorite. Once loved, now just an old grumpy bastard. He may be a bit senile in his old age, but he sure as hell still has that ill-tempered charm.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Gonzorrhea
First Appearance: It's Not Easy Being Green