Hohoho, looks like the tables have turned! Maybe Joseph is FINALLY gonna have a good day! :D

↓ Transcript
[ Panel 1 ]

CADENCE: I KNEW you were a creeper, just like EVERY OTHER guy I’ve ever met! I shoulda known that you’d stalk me around the desert, PERVERT!

[ Panel 2 ]

JOSEPH: PLEASE don’t hit me! I’m so sorr...

[ Panel 3 ]

JOSEPH: Wait a second… I wasn’t following you! Come to think of it, why are YOU in the desert in the first place?

:: Joseph is giving Cadence the finger of accusation. ::

[ Panel 4 ]

RUDY: We were stalking yous like os if you were foodies! Cadence tink yer c...

{ WOOSH } :: Cadence’s hand reaches across the panel grabbing Rudy to keep him quiet. ::

[ Panel 5 ]

RUDY: AAAHHHhahaha… What Rudy means is we were out on a SPIRIT WALK and uh… just so happened to find you… AND THEN followed you...

RUDY: Nuuu...

[ Panel 6 ]

JOSEPH: Sounds more like you’ve been on a STALK WALK!