There are plenty of majestic things in the sky.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
:: A sophisticated looking whale is flying through the air, looking rather dapper in his monocle and waist coat. Joseph soars through the air, plopping directly into his blow hole. ::

|— NARRATOR: The MAJESTY of the Air-Based whale has been UNMATCHED for centuries. As per the status quo, they will UNDOBTEDLY maintain the stature for a countless number of years to come. Many of theses whales, such as THIS GUY (a “Right Whale” of the Baleen Family), hold VAST levels of knowledge and SURPRISINGLY enough, an eye for style! Now, you may be pondering to yourself, “Why THE HELL is this particular whale considered “right?” And further more,”is that even it’s real name?”

Well, that answers to THESE questions are simple:
1. The term “Right Whale.” comes from the fact that they always seem to consider THEMSELVES to be “right.”
2. Yes, actually, they named THEMSELVES this. Perhaps their EGOS are so VOLUPTUOUS at this point, that THAT is how they even fly.
3? This is further proof that THEY ARE, IN FACT, ASSHOLES. —|

[ Panel 2 ]
:: Covered in oozing snot, Joseph is wiggling around inside Mr. Right’s blowhole. ::