It’s strange, but drawing like a little kid (as i had to do in this strip) was actually almost harder than doing a normal strip…

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
|— NARRATOR: Rudiger, AKA “Rudy,” is a very simple creature with very simple needs; food, sleep and an occasional cuddle. His POORLY pronounced english is EVIDENCE of his limited ability to understand the world around him. —|

[ Panel 2 ]
|— NARRATOR: This is the way Rudy perceives love: (Based on what Cadence has told him.)
RUDY: First you FIND someone who is day DREAMANG.
CADENCE: DREAMY, Rudy, you find someone you think is DREAMY!
:: Children’s drawing version of Joseph day dreaming about Rudy eating a pile of hamburgers. Of course, food is all Rudy really loves. ::

[ Panel 3 ]
RUDY: Secondly, yous HIT them! (So dey will NOTICE you.)
CADENCE: You hit ON them! Not BEAT them senselessly.
:: Cadence has lovely lipstick all over her face as she derp punches Joseph in the noggin. The sun is happy. ::

[ Panel 4 ]
RUDY: Turdyly, you PLAY HIDE and go seeks.
CADENCE: WHAT!?! You mean, PLAY HARD to get?
:: Joseph is confused? Maybe? Cadence and Rudy hide in the background. The sun is not enthralled by this situation. ::

[ Panel 5 ]
RUDY: Ond finally, you GIVE them yer heart and CRUSH them.
CADENCE: HAHA, your INNOCENT misconstruction of love will be THE DEATH OF ME Rudy …and the rest of the human race.
:: Cadence squashes Joseph’s egg shaped head as he holds up her heart. She exclaims very angrily "I <3 yous!” The sun is ecstatic. ::