Even Creeper’s can have intimate moments!

↓ Transcript
[ Panel 1 ]

CADENCE: Well at least “Creepasaurus Rex” sounds SOMEWHAT endearing. Stalker just sounds terribly MEAN, to me.

:: She gives him a flirty tap as she makes awkward claims to make her issues sound worse that Joseph's, because reasons. ::

JOSEPH: You’re ONLY mad ‘cos it’s true… STALKER!

[ Panel 2 ]

CADENCE: ARG! Seriously STOP calling me a STALKER!

:: She grabs his shirt in a threatening manner. ::

[ Panel 3 ]

JOSEPH: You wanna make SOMETHING of it?

CADENCE: Yeah, maybe I DO!

[ Panel 4 ]


[ Panel 5 ]

:: Cadence lets go of her grip and softly slides her hand up his chest. She closes her eyes and begins to learn in. Joseph looks at her, leaning in as well. ::