Look’s like God can’t seem to stop, evolution!

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
:: The fish are protesting God’s decision to re-separate them from each other as he stands before them, judging, as he does. ::
ALEK: You’re a BLEEDIN’ BIGOT, in my opinion! Where, sir is your COMPASSION!?!
ALEX: SCREW compassion! I just wan to BEAT ONE off on SOMETHING!

[ Panel 2 ]
GOD: Your ACTIONS are nefarious, disturbing… and FLOT OUT BARBARICALLY GAY! …in the eyes of …well… me …and to be frabk, I just don’t want to see it.
SO, I say you’re forbidden!

[ Panel 3 ]
ALEX: BARBARICALLY gay!?! Are you for real!?
I OUGHTA knock your big-holier-than-thou set of pearly whites RIGHT INTO that SMALL-minded brain of yours!!

[ Panel 4 ]
GOD: ahahahHA! …and HOW, may I ask dost thou PLAN to do such a thing?
:: God is smugly smiles as he laughs. ::

[ Panel 5 ]
:: He’s clearly annoyed at this point. ::
I’ll zealously evolve!

[ Panel 6 ]
ALEX: Just wait and seeee…