These fish MUST be made for each other.

↓ Transcript
LAWLS - 0021: MFEO pt.3

[ Panel 1 ]
ALEX: You BEST be glad we are lovers, or ELSE this would be a deadly situation!

[ Panel 2 ]
ALEK: EGADS! It sounds to me, Alex, that you are asking for a challenge!?

[ Panel 3 ]
CADENCE: Wait… lovers? Oh my God, how cute! You two are GAY? …for EACH OTHER!?!

[ Panel 4 ]
ALEX: Yeah… SO? You wanna make sometin’ of it sweetheart?

[ Panel 5 ]
ALEK: Alex wait! Perhaps she can be of assistance to us. Madame would you care to do us a favor?

[ Panel 6 ]
CADENCE: Of course I would! I’d love to help two lil’ cuties like you!
RUDY: Did you guize mention sum sparklin’ glee dat taste like gayness? WHERE is it? Con I EATS it?
CADENCE: RUDY! How many times have I told you? You CAN’T eat gays for dinner!!!
:: Rudy, having no idea what it is he’s just asked for, is holding on to one of the pedestals hoping he can eat the fish. ::