Seriously, Corbin just knows all the WRONG things to say to a girl!

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
CORBIN: What is it with human females and love anyway?
CADENCE: What do you mean?
CORBIN: I mean you’re all just SO TOUCHY when it comes to love.

[ Panel 2 ]
:: Cadence and the gang are walking away, the sun is beginning to set and the fish are left in the distance in their respective bowls. ::
CADENCE: Love, is a beautiful thing, Corby… But it is VERY rare and VERY fragile, so much so I can’t stand to see it DESTROYED when it exists...
CORBIN: I’d disagree, love exists constantly for the SOLE purpose of destroying EVERY soul involved in this whole mess.

[ Panel 3 ]
CADENCE: WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT LOVE, CORBIN!?! You’re just a giant LOVE-GRINCH! I doubt you even VAGUELY know what love is!
CORBIN: …and so, you prove my point, my dear. You’re TESTIER than a TREMENDOUSLY troubled teenaged tumored TESTICLE! …at least when it comes to love.
CADENCE: …wow, that’s quite the MOUTH FULL. Maybe I should have left you with the GAY fish.