It’s it just me, or is Corbin’s opinion in no way humble?

↓ Transcript
LAWLS - 0061: This is NOT a Shave Break

[ Panel 1 ]
CADENCE: Give me a BREAK Corbin! Do you REALLY expect me to be able to SHAVE when I’m STUCK in the MIDDLE of this DAMN desert with ZERO supplies!?!
:: She has her fist clenched as she stands over Corbin. Joseph is in the background terrified. ::

[ Panel 2 ]
CORBIN: WELL, in my HUMBLE opinion I believe a young woman with beauty such as yours, should respect herself and be MORE lady like!
RUDY: Oh… Noes...
::Rudy still hasn’t left the hole, knowing that it's best to hide when Cadence is like this. ::

[ Panel 3 ]
CADENCE: You should really be glad I’m an animal loving vegetarian you LITTLE SHIT BRID, or else I’d rain a fiery hell over your shi...
:: The distaste in Cadence’s mouth is obvious as Corbin interrupts her mid sentence. ::

[ Panel 4 ]
CORBIN: SEE! Your mouth is as dirty as a ship-wrecked sailor! There is nothing EXQUISITELY FEMININE about you! Where is your INNER lady? DEAD? A real lady would not speak with such a foul mouth! …and I come from a family of FOWL MOUTHS, I should know! Squaw!