How can you say no to a face like that?

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
CADENCE: WHAT the hell are you doing HERE Joey?
:: Joseph is deep in a hole that he just created by crashing down into Rudy and Corbin. Cadence stands over them, hands on her hips. ::
JOSEPH: Lying down.

[ Panel 2 ]
CADENCE: I REALLY do HATE you. All you ever do is RUIN THINGS!
I mean look at you! You’re CRUSHING the bones of these innocent creatures AS WE SPEAK!

[ Panel 3 ]
CADENCE: WHAT do you have to say for yourself JOSEPH!?!
JOSEPH: I’m...

[ Panel 4 ]
JOSEPH: I’m SOOOO sorry! Forgive me Cadence! PPPLLEEEASSEEE? Just give me a CHANCE, I can prove to you that I’VE CHANGED!
:: Joseph starts pulling himself out of the hole and looks up at Cadence; his eyes are huge and watery like a puppy looking at you endearingly. ::
CORBIN: Squaw! It’s a trap! Those puppy dog eyes may get you to buy him now… but when you get him home ALL he’s gonna do is MISBEHAVE …and probably PISS all over the place...