Rudy says the darndest things! Also, I’m a fan of acronyms. Obviously.

↓ Transcript
[ Panel 1 ]

JOSEPH: So you’re SERIOUSLY gonna leave him there?

CADENCE: Yeah why? I mean, YOU of all people should understand...

[ Panel 2 ]

JOSEPH: I DUNNO, it just seems… SO out of character for you? I figured your own guilt would get the best of you and you’d have to PETA YOURSELF to death!

[ Panel 3 ]

RUDY: PITAS? Yummy! Joey, if Cadence turns into a pita can we go back and have dem corbin-kababs WIT da pita breads?

[ Panel 4 ]

JOSEPH: No No Rudy I mean the GROUP P.A.T.A. …you know the ones that blow people up when OTHER people MISTREAT animals.

[ Panel 5 ]

RUDY: SO… dey NEVER eat any pita breads? I DON’T gets it. Why name demself pitas then!?!

CADENCE: It’s an ACRONYM sweety, it stands for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals."

RUDY: If it DOESN’T stand for samich, den I DUNT CARE ‘bout it!