It’s cute that Rudy doesn’t really understand human love.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
RUDY: I tink Cadence is just testie ‘cos she wants to CRUSH Joey’s heart wit DA LOVES!
:: Rudy is in a pondering pose. ::

[ Panel 2 ]
CADENCE: Wait… What are you on about now Rudy?
RUDY: ‘Member ‘ow yous splained to me ‘ow love werks?

[ Panel 3 ]
RUDY: You CRUSH thur hearts when you loves sumone!
…ond dats wut YOU wants to do to Joey.
:: Joseph is screaming in the background holding his bloodied chest as Cadence smashes his heart with a mallet in the foreground. ::

[ Panel 4 ]
CADENCE: HAHA… WHAT? You got it all wrong! You crush ON people not CRUSH people! …and I never said any such thing about Joseph!
I must say your perception on love though, is MORBIDLY CUTE.