This is flat out the most colorful / girly thing I’ve ever drawn! We need to get back to the rabbits exploding guts and monsters eating cute creatures, or else I’ll lose my sanity. SO BRIGHT!!

↓ Transcript
[ Panel 1 ]

JOSEPH: By the way, I’ve gotta ask, WHAT happened to you? How the HELL did you learn how to fight the way you do?

CADENCE: You REALLY want to know?

JOSEPH: I sure do!

[ Panel 2 ]

CADENCE: Well.. AFTER highschool, I was in a band and we ended up going on tour.

[ Panel 3 ]

CADENCE: In the the months that followed I started getting TATTOOS...

[ Panel 4 ]

CADENCE: CUTTING… and DYING my hair...

[ Panel 5 ]

CADENCE: And NATURALLY, as we got more popular …groupies started to EMERGE …creepy, CREEPOID creepers who’d do ANYTHING to lay their CREEPSTER hands all over me! BLECK!

[ Panel 6 ]

CADENCE: They started FOLLOWING me after shows and telling me how UNIQUELY SEXY I was! BARF! Basically, I HAD TO learn self-defense to protect myself from those PEDO-CREEPS who couldn’t tell FANTASY from REALITY!

[ Panel 7 ]

CADENCE: Um… Joseph?