Words of Interest is an investigation of strange and unusual words told in randomly sophisticated ways. Some of the characters of L.A.W.L.S. (for example Cadence & Autumn) show up in this comic, but is strictly a Gag-a-Day with no connection to prior content. This comic started as a filler strip on the L.A.W.L.S. site and even though it now has it’s own website, it is essentially still is a filler comic. It will eventually be printed in it’s own book as well.

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Words of Interest

A dictionary word comic, defining words in humorous ways.
Feb 24, 2014Analysand
Feb 10, 2014Dematerialize
Jan 20, 2014Solipsism
Jan 06, 2014Poniard
May 20, 2013Selcouth
Mar 11, 2013Potvaliancy
Mar 01, 2013Jackanapes
Feb 27, 2013Ogle
Feb 22, 2013Boustrophedon
Feb 20, 2013Wellaway
Feb 14, 2013Plotz
Jul 04, 2012Pilikia
Jun 13, 2012Fantast
May 25, 2012Chrestomathy
May 14, 2012Liege
Apr 13, 2012Cumshaw
Apr 02, 2012Adroit
Mar 30, 2012Catachize
Mar 23, 2012Ruck
Dec 22, 2011Novel
Dec 20, 2011Abrade
Dec 19, 2011Ectype
Dec 16, 2011Cleave
Dec 14, 2011Adytum
Dec 12, 2011À La Mode
Dec 08, 2011Bobbery
Dec 06, 2011Operose
Dec 06, 2011Frondescence
Dec 01, 2011Churlish
Nov 29, 2011Procrustean
Nov 24, 2011Worth
Nov 22, 2011Knavery
Nov 21, 2011Mitigate
Nov 08, 2011Canny
Nov 04, 2011Obscurantism
Nov 02, 2011Aioli
Oct 31, 2011Thanatopsis
Oct 28, 2011Animadvert
Oct 26, 2011Mesmerize
Oct 24, 2011Ferly
Oct 19, 2011Harrowing
Oct 17, 2011Askance
Oct 14, 2011Druthers
Oct 12, 2011Titubant
Oct 10, 2011Milquetoast
Oct 06, 2011Bandersnatch
Oct 04, 2011Billow
Sep 29, 2011Portend
Sep 27, 2011Lionize
Sep 25, 2011Rapine
Sep 22, 2011Bacchanalia
Sep 21, 2011Pleonasm
Sep 19, 2011Postprandial
Sep 15, 2011Fey
Sep 14, 2011Bellwether
Sep 12, 2011Inculcate
Sep 08, 2011Braird
Sep 07, 2011Darkle
Sep 05, 2011Flounce
Mar 28, 2011Quaff
Mar 21, 2011Appreciation
Mar 14, 2011Fanfaronade


An ex-rocker, from Los Angeles, California, Cadence loves music, pink (her signature color) and other girly things. Her old band "Atomic Flowers" gained her some level of notoriety in the local scene but most people had never heard of them. Though she may be cute, her fiery attitude (which she developed as a defense mechanism to scare off creepy dudes) has made it difficult for her to have friends, especially other girls. She has a thing for douche bros yet when it comes to nice guys like Joseph, she is absolutely oblivious.

Comics: 177
Recent Appearance: Analysand
First Appearance: Dance Till You're Dead


Autumn is a perky goth girl, who's known for her sexual promiscuity. She is the youngest of the cast, yet holds powers that equal to, if not stronger than Cadences. She uses dark "Shadow Magic," to cast spells and carries a black sword. Her sole mission in the [ Story Mode ] of L.A.W.L.S. is to hunt down and slay all the furries. In ALT. she still maintains a lot of her perky and promiscuous traits, but spends her free time playing computer games and teasing Joseph.

Comics: 109
Recent Appearance: Analysand
First Appearance: Freaks Come Out At Night

The Gentlemen

These chauvinistic aristocrats believe they are the definition of true gentlemen, but in reality they are simple posh assholes.

Comics: 20
Recent Appearance: Dematerialize
First Appearance: Braird

Dapper Whale

Regardless of his sophisticated nature, this blue whale seems to have a sordid love for his local bar and voluptuous trollop who frequents said establishment.

Comics: 16
Recent Appearance: Selcouth
First Appearance: The Most Exquisite Moment

Dapper Squid

The Dapper Squid, aka The Barkeep, knows everybody's name, and he's always glad you came. He's always where he can see, our troubles are all the same. And he'll wanna be where he knows your name! ...I'm beginning to suspect he may want to know a bit too much about the people who come into his bar.

Comics: 11
Recent Appearance: Potvaliancy
First Appearance: Barkeep Creep


The guy who created this mess. The ultimate joke was that he created man, which would give him endless years of things to giggle about while floating in some clouds all day. :)

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Ectype
First Appearance: God said, "Meh" and Shrugged