braird \BRAIRD\

To sprout; appear above the ground.

The first sprouts or shoots of grass, corn, or other crops; new growth.

↓ Transcript
WOI - 0006: BRAIRD

[ Panel 1 ]
GENTLEMAN 1: The season for flowers has begun, my friend. I’ve heard your harvest has already started to BRAIRD?
GENTLEMAN 2: Ah yes, they will be CHAMPIONS this year at the town fair.

[ Panel 2 ]
GENTLEMAN 1: By the way, a little bird told me a tale that your DWARFISH CROP is STRUGGLING to survive. ’Tis a shame.
GENTLEMAN 2: My Little lads have NOT been blessed with the gift of fertility this year, it seems. QUITE curious, really…
GENTLEMAN 1: …quite.

[ Panel 3 ]
BUFF BULLY FLOWER: That’s right you lol’ bitches, I EAT YOUR SUN for dinner!
:: It’s bulk season and three mega buff bro flowers are flaunting off their muscular leaves and putting down the puny flowers in the patch nearby. ::