abrade \uh-BREYD\ ,

1. To scrape off.
2. To wear off or down by scraping or rubbing.

↓ Transcript
WOI - 0042: Abrade

[ Panel 1 ]
:: A woman covers her ears as a man with a book pointlessly holds a book in front of her. ::
WOMAN WITH SENSITIVE EARS: My God, what is that HORRID SCRAPING sound? It sounds like a saw ABRADING metal off of a conscious cyborg!
MAN WITH A BOOK: Oh, that’s normal my dear. The patient is just getting his teeth cleaned!

[ Panel 2 ]
WOMAN WITH SENSITIVE EARS: That sound CAN’T be normal. Are you SURE the dentist knows what he’s doing?
MAN WITH A BOOK: Oh yes, Dr. Dental is a Harvard Graduate. He knows PRECISELY what he’s doing.

[ Panel 3 ]
MR. PATIENT: Cod, should a SIMPLE cleaning hurt THIS bad?
DR. DENTAL: …CLEARNING? Sir, I was under the impression you were her for an INCISOR SHARPENING!