churl·ish \CHUR-lish\

1. Boorish or rude.
2. Of a churl; peasant like.
3. Stingy; mean.
4. Difficult to work or deal with, as soil.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
:: A band of savages chant around a bonfire, thrusting their spears into the air, as they prepare for things to come. ::
GENTLEMAN 1: It was quite the CHURLISH celebration! I think I even saw them BURN SOMEONE alive as a sacrifice to the Gods!
GENTLEMAN 2: Wow, that DOES sound extremely BOORISH! Any idea as to WHY they were acting that way?
GENTLEMAN 1: In face, I DO!

[ Panel 2 ]
GENTLEMAN 2: Pray tell, I MUST know what they were celebrating!
GENTLEMAN 1: The grand opening of a local Apple Store.