cle·ve \kleev\

1. To adhere closely; stick; cling
2. To remain faithful.
3. To split or divide by or as if by a cutting blow, especially along a natural line of division, as the grain of wood.
4. To make by or as if by cutting.
5. To penetrate or pass through (air, water, etc.).
6. To cut off; sever.
7. To part or split, especially along a natural line of division.
8. To penetrate or advance by or as if by cutting.

↓ Transcript
WOI - 0040: CLEAVE

[ Panel 1 ]
:: A gaggle of elderly women sit around a youthful and innocent girl, giving her advice on her first date, as they prepare her for what is to come. ::

ELDERLY WOMAN 1: I may be old fashioned, but I say CLEAVE your heart for him and he will, in return, REMAIN FAITHFUL to you as well!

ELDERLY WOMAN 2: That is no way to win a man’s heart! All you need to do is CLEAVE THAT BOSOM of your TOGETHER, and he’ll know you’re something special!

ELDERLY WOMAN 3: You best be careful with tactics like that. He may try to CLEAVE his way INTO your undergarments!

ELDERLY WOMAN 4: A man like that is NOT a man for you, dear. If he attempts to dishonor you in such a way, it would be best to CLEAVE the relationship immediately.

ELDERLY WOMAN 5: Screw the relationship… CLEAVE that manhood of his RIGHT OFF it’s roots!