than·a·top·sis \than-uh-TOP-sis\

1. A view or contemplation of death.
2. A poem (1817) by William Cullen Bryant.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
GENTLEMAN 2: I had another dream last night...
:: Old man time turns the hand of a clock to twelve while watching over the children of the world. They lead own their lives to but walk toward their pre-detirmined time of death. Only he knows the schedule and only he can insure they meet their demise on time. ::
GENTLEMAN 2: Everyone was dead.

[ Panel 2 ]
GENTLEMAN 1: What’s with your fascination with THANATOPSIS?
GENTLEMAN 2: It’s not a fascination really, I think it’s more of an acceptance of the fact that we all die one day.

[ Panel 3 ]
GENTLEMAN 1: Seriously John, everything with you is a glass half full...
GENTLEMAN 2: That’s only because the FIRST half was full of POISON.