dar·kle \DAHR-kuhl\

1. To grow dark, gloomy, etc.
2. To appear dark; show indistinctly.

↓ Transcript
WOI - 0005: DARKLE

[ Panel 1 ]
DAPPER WHALE: Sir, is it just me or is the light beginning to DARKLE a bit in this room?
DAPPER SQUID: Pay no attention friend, you’ve just had ONE DRINK TOO MANY…

[ Panel 2 ]
DAPPER WHALE: No, I’m pretty sure it’s begin— YOU RAPSCALLION you! HOW DARE you try to touch me in the dark!

[ Panel 3 ]
DAPPER SQUID: SHHH… Le me pour you ANOTHER drink.
:: The screen goes black and the darkness takes over the situation. In this particular phrasing, darkness can be synonymous with the word squid. ::