à la mode \ah luh MOHD\ french

In or according to the fashion.

↓ Transcript
WOI - 0038: À LA MODE

[ Panel 1 ]
:: Two fairly average looking women speak of fashion and one of their friends at a very superficial level, as they lay in bed admiring themselves. ::
TRUDY: Did you see Alexandra’s new attire? Where does she get off thinking she is in the know with FASHION this year?
TRUDY’S FRIEND: Oh Trudy, don’t even pretend you know what is À LA MODE.

[ Panel 2 ]
:: Alexandra is wearing a box around her head with a hole for her face in front. It has various embellishments on it and a opening at the top to allow her hair to flow from it. Even her hair has some sort of strange and overly designed look to it. This is the expression of fashion at its core: extreme, pointless and random. ::