bob·ber·y  \BOB-uh-ree\

A disturbance or a brawl.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
:: An army of bandits joist away as the prepare for war. Even though they are merely fencing, there are still learning how to beat wield a lightsaber. ::
GENTLEWOMAN 1: What is all this BOBBERY about?
GENTLEWOMAN 2: Did you NOT hear? There was a DISTURBANCE in the force. We’ve even had to call women to arms.
GENTLEWOMAN 1: You realize these women stand NO chance against the Sith order, right?
GENTLEWOMAN 2: HOW DARE YOU! Are you saying women CAN’T PARRY along side a MALE Jedi?

[ Panel 2 ]
GENTLEWOMAN 2: I’m sure they parry just fine, it’s the THRUSTING I worry about.