mes·mer·ize \MEZ-muh-rahyz\

1. To spellbind; fascinate.
2. To hypnotize.
3. To compel by fascination.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
BLACK RABBIT: So, I heard you and Black Betty hooked up last night… HOW could you do THAT… these’s something wrong with that broad.

[ Panel 2 ]
WHITE RABBIT: I don’t know, there’s just something SEXY about that look she gives...

[ Panel 3 ]
:: A bug eyed rabbit stares into the camera. It’s undeniably creepy, but there is something about it that make it hard to look away… it’s almost entrancing. You begin to fall for her… and you fall for her fast. As you look deeper into her soul, you even begin to lose yourself. You’ve now completely lost your mind and would kill for this woman if the situation called for such dramatic measures, because you’d rather die then see her harmed. She is now a symbol of your existence. Realizing you are still reading this, you’ve come to find that life itself is meaningless. Nothing before or after this moment will ever have meaning again. All that is left is this rabbits eyes and the emptiness in your soul created from this moment. ::