ALT. comics are an alternative universe to that of L.A.W.L.S. and is centered around ALT(ernative) pop & sub cultures; goth, punk, scene, nerds & even bros and includes themes such as music, games, tattoos, etc. This comic is categorized as a Gag-A-Day, but is designed to help you understand the characters of L.A.W.L.S. more individually, in their own ways. ALT Comics are intended to be humorous to the casual reader but still have a connection to the characters in the main story for people who know them.
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An obscenely scene webcomic about subcultures (goth, emo, rocker girls) and pop culture references.
Jan 13, 2014Sweet Tits
Dec 30, 2013YOLO
Dec 24, 2013Christmas Gnome
Dec 18, 2013Anime Characters
May 16, 2013Happy Sounds
May 09, 2013...She Gives
May 06, 2013How Many FCUKS...
Apr 17, 2013Musical Preference
Apr 08, 2013GAMEr OVER
Apr 01, 2013BioShocked
Mar 25, 2013Trollin'
Mar 22, 2013Likes
Feb 25, 2013Text Flex
Feb 12, 2013Suicide Hotline
Oct 22, 2012Atoms
Oct 15, 2012Destined Legends
Jun 25, 2012Kristen Stewart
Jun 22, 2012Spawn of Cod
Jun 20, 2012Café Exhibition
Jun 18, 2012Brahvengers
Jun 15, 2012Keep On Truckin'
Jun 11, 2012Two Weeks Notice
Jun 06, 2012Codpiece
Jun 04, 2012The Hunger Games
May 23, 2012Cosplayed
May 21, 2012Chemistry
May 18, 2012Fortune Cookie
May 16, 2012Sleep Hygiene
May 11, 2012Ecstasy
May 04, 2012Half Life
May 02, 2012WWEccentric
Apr 30, 2012Hipstervention
Apr 25, 2012I'm Just Saiyan...
Apr 23, 2012Floaties
Apr 18, 2012Girlfriend
Apr 16, 2012Clean Coexistence
Apr 11, 2012Animagination
Mar 14, 2012Fishbowl Life
Mar 09, 2012Specialer Interest
Mar 07, 2012Special Interest
Mar 05, 2012Second Chance
Mar 02, 2012Me Day
Feb 20, 2012Oz
Feb 17, 2012Walk
Feb 13, 2012Work
Jan 30, 20123Douche
Jan 16, 2012Celebrity Crush
Dec 28, 2011Boxing Day
Dec 25, 2011Gift Giving


Autumn is a perky goth girl, who's known for her sexual promiscuity. She is the youngest of the cast, yet holds powers that equal to, if not stronger than Cadences. She uses dark "Shadow Magic," to cast spells and carries a black sword. Her sole mission in the [ Story Mode ] of L.A.W.L.S. is to hunt down and slay all the furries. In ALT. she still maintains a lot of her perky and promiscuous traits, but spends her free time playing computer games and teasing Joseph.

Comics: 109
Recent Appearance: Analysand
First Appearance: Freaks Come Out At Night


Cadence's music and sexual rival. She's tougher, has more ink and more famous that Cadence ever dreamed to be. Not much is known about her other than the fact that she's got the power to attract just about anyone, male or female.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Sweet Tits
First Appearance: ...She Gives


An ex-rocker, from Los Angeles, California, Cadence loves music, pink (her signature color) and other girly things. Her old band "Atomic Flowers" gained her some level of notoriety in the local scene but most people had never heard of them. Though she may be cute, her fiery attitude (which she developed as a defense mechanism to scare off creepy dudes) has made it difficult for her to have friends, especially other girls. She has a thing for douche bros yet when it comes to nice guys like Joseph, she is absolutely oblivious.

Comics: 177
Recent Appearance: Analysand
First Appearance: Dance Till You're Dead

Douche Bro

Known as only Bro, he is Cadence’s sorta boyfriend. Plain and simple he is just a simple minded douche; He often has to look down at his upside down YOLO shirt to remind himself, he's only gonna YOLO once. He’s also a Broney, hates long walks on the beach and has no idea what poetry is, bro.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: YOLO
First Appearance: Keep On Truckin'


L.A.W.L.S. supposed main character, though, he is unremarkably uninteresting; in essence he is just your average Joe. Joesph is the guy who has a vendetta on the air-whales (in the L.A.W.L.S. story mode) and apparently a bunch of other living creatures along the way. This awkward guy has zero luck with girls, even though they seem to be drawn to him. He blindly carries a torch for Cadence, a girl he's liked since high school.

Comics: 165
Recent Appearance: Christmas Gnome
First Appearance: I Killed You Before...No?

Metal Beard

Autumn's roommate. Quiet and aloof, Metal Beard lives for the sound of metal music. He appreciates film, likes long walks in the dark, heavy metal that sounds like death, and being alone.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Designated Driver
First Appearance: Metal Beard

Betta Fish

Alek & Alex, the bantering betta fish, are forbidden lovers. They fight day because it eats them up inside that they just can't get into the other bowl. Even if they finally did, what would happen? Sucks to be them.

Comics: 22
Recent Appearance: Bleeding Blind
First Appearance: How Hungry?


Cadence's pet, something or other. Rudy, aka Rudiger, is characterized by his immense hunger and poor language skills, which may make him appear stupid. Don't be food though, he is rather intelligent, especially when it comes to methods of finding food.

Comics: 82
Recent Appearance: Animagination
First Appearance: A Tit Much

Reeder Rabbit

Though he ay have recently taken a disliking to air whales, Reeder Rabbit is Joseph's arch-nemesis and a source of constant annoyance. he may be cute, but he sure is plump full of evil intent.

Comics: 19
Recent Appearance: Ask Hatticus: How Does Your Family Work?
First Appearance: I Killed You Before...No?