Individually, a plaid shirt, an interesting mustache and some beer w/ cereal is A-OK in my book… but you put them all together… and it’s just TOO MUCH!

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
CADENCE: Ok, SERIOUSLY dude, this needs to stop. I’m not sure how I let it get this far… but you’ve become A HIPSTER.

[ Panel 2 ]
CADENCE: Look. You’re wearing a hipster uniform and have grown a douchey hipster mustache.
:: Her speech bubble makes a diagram with arrows. ::

[ Panel 3 ]
CADENCE: …and for GOD SAKES! You’re even eating a hipster breakfast.

[ Panel 4 ]
:: Cut to advertisement for Generic Thrills cereal in which the camera pans across a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and bowl of cerealized E’s are sitting in front of a box of IRON-E’s appears. ::
|— IRON-E’s, Part of a Balanced Breakfast! —|