Don’t eat vegetables, it’s cruel.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
AUTUMN: Yeah… So, I took your advice and decided to give ‘em a second chance.
:: She at at vegan restaurant on her iPhone, she looks worried. ::

[ Panel 2 ]
AUTUMN: I’m pretty nervous about this whole SITUATION. Last time things just didn’t work out. I went home REGRETTING my decision to even try something like that!

[ Panel 3 ]
AUTUMN: Are you serious? That could turn out BAD! You KNOW how i get when they try to spice things up too much!
Honestly, I’d RAVISH ‘em by the end of dinner!
:: She’s smiling thinking about it. ::

[ Panel 4 ]
AUTUMN: Actually, I’m AT the restaurant right now.
CARROT CREATURE: You know we’re RIGHT here, right?
:: A sophisticated looking carrot looks annoyed as he points at himself and his companion, a dapper looking broccoli in a bowtie and a mustache. The poster in the back finally revealed, reads “Be A VEGAN” and is accompanied by the image of a blood thirsty rabbit devouring a horrified carrot. ::