Oh Autumn, how well you teach those who need to be taught!

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ALT - 0049: ATOMS

[ Panel 1 ]
|— AUTUMN NARRATING: The SMALLEST fundamental unit of a chemical compound is a molecule which is simply a grouping of atoms. —|
:: A phallic molecule CH2O ( aka methanol or formaldehyde) is drawn on a chalkboard. ::

[ Panel 2 ]
|— AUTUMN NARRATING: For all intents and purposes, in this example, we will say an atom is THE smallest unit of matter known to exist. —|
:: ATOM is spelt out, circled and lines are beaming out from it. Suddenly the word becomes more interesting when you draw around it. ::

[ Panel 2 ]
JOSEPH: …and WHAT does this have to do with my GIRL problems?
AUTUMN: It leads to the matter of HOW MANY FUCKS i give about them!
:: Autumn, dressed in a lab coat, is standing in front of a blackboard full of “science” notes for Joseph to learn from. ::