The derps.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
:: Joseph sits unenthused in front of his computer. ::

[ Panel 2 ]
:: Autumn also sits in front of her computer, but she seems a bit more amused. ::

[ Panel 3 ]
| World of Warcraft - General Chat |
[AsJosephFalls] whispers: did you really have to tell Cadence about the whole online girlfriend thing?
[DeathInAutumn] whispers: why? you afraid she’ll find out that you got a textually transmitted disease?
[AsJosephFalls] whispers: no…it’s just uncomfortable to talk about with her...
[DeathInAutumn] whispers: So you got a little bit of the derpies… it’s ok. It’s the internet, it happens sometimes.
[AsJosephFalls] whispers: derpies? what r u even talking about?
[DeathInAutumn] whispers:

[ Panel 4 ]
:: Joseph pulls up the image that Autumn just sent him. It’s a mentally challenged drooling dog. BOLD TEXT: TEH INTERNETS, IT GAVE YOU THE DERPIES. ::