I bet you that if I was to meet Kristen Stewart personally, I could out awkward her. Just like Joseph.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
CADENCE: Joseph, I KNOW how much you like Kristen Stewart. So, I pulled a few strings and convinced her to come meet you!
:: Kristen puts her hand out to introduce herself as Joseph stares at her dumb struck. ::

[ Panel 2 ]
:: Twitterpated, Joseph eyes are full of hearts, it’s like looking at her in HD. ::

[ Panel 3 ]
:: Unaware that this is even reality, Joseph is still staring at her, he hasn’t said a word and is even drooling at this point. Kristen still has her hand out and looks uncomfortable as she does her trademark lip bite. ::

[ Panel 4 ]
:: Kristen and Cadence walk away. Joseph, paralyzed by the situation, has yet to move. ::
KRISTEN STEWART: …and people say I’M awkward.