Coffee ordering, at it’s worst.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
:: Joseph ordering coffee from Eeffoc Coffee, their special menu includes items like Cocobear Stare, Vanilla Killa, JAVAtory, RAGEspresso!! and probably some other stupid names you can't see. ::
BARISTA: What can I get started for you?
JOSEPH: Can I get two grande nonfat vanilla lattes, each with 3 shots of espresso, no foam, with cinnamon and light sugar?

[ Panel 2 ]
BARISTA: Two triple grande nonfat, two-pump vanilla lattes, no foam and cinnamon coming’ right up!
JOSEPH: What… No, I WANT cinnamon?

[ Panel 3 ]
BARISTA: Right, two triple grand nonfat two-pump vanilla lattes, no foam and ADD cinnamon.
JOSEPH: Ok, and make sure to it has LIGHT sugar…
BARISTA: I said that, Sir. Two triple grande nonfat TWO-PUMP vanilla lattes, no foam and ADD cinnamon.

[ Panel 4 ]
CADENCE: Yay coffees! What di you get us?
JOSEPH: Black coffee.
:: Distressed by this wording ordeal, Joseph gave up and went with some regular ass coffee. There is a RAGEspresso past in the background. ::