Either way… he should get none.

↓ Transcript
ALT - 0051: …SHE GIVES

[ Panel 1 ]
HAYDEN: Why hello there big boy, what’s your name?
:: Attempting to seduce Douche Bro, she caresses his face, looking him directly in the eyes as she talks to him. ::

[ Panel 2 ]
CADENCE: HAYDEN! Leave my boyfriend alone!
HAYDEN: Why Cadence, I didn’t know you were a Bro-Ho!
Well, ta for now. But watch this one, he might just get distracted and wander off.
:: Cadence, now standing, is ready to knock Hayden out. Hayden, however, is so blasé about the situation that she doesn’t even care about the fact that Cadence is ready to brawl. ::

[ Panel 3 ]
DOUCHE BRO: How do you know that girl? She’s fuckin--
CADENCE: Choose your words wisely, or you’ll see all the fucks I give.