But on the other hand… sometimes ponies are just not a good idea either.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
CADENCE: I thought you were an “adult.” What ADULT plays with ponies?!?
:: Autumn has a two My Little Pony toys in her hands. They conveniently look a lot like Cadence and Autumn. ::
AUTUMN: I DO! So what? You can’t tell me you NEVER played with these when you were little!

[ Panel 2 ]
CADENCE: Actually, I was more of a troll girl myself.
AUTUMN: OH! Those were those hair things, huh?

[ Panel 3 ]
CADENCE: Uh, YA! They were SO MUCH FUN! We should really relive those… not ponies.
AUTUMN: Seriously! Let’s do it!

[ Panel 4 ]
JOSEPH: Hey gu—
:: Joseph walks in the room to find Cadence and Autumn with their hair straight up like a furry christmas tree. ::
DEAR GOD! What is WRONG with you two?
AUTUMN: We should have stuck with ponies.