Joseph’s obsession with her is based the fact that I do in fact have crush on Kristen Stewart. Even if people think she isn’t the most talented actress, and hate her, I don’t.

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]
JOSEPH: Your obsession with Robert Pattison is REALLY creepy, Autumn.
AUTUMN: Whatever! Like you haven’t PERVED over Kristen Stewart hundreds of times!
:: They are looking at a “Sparkly Dead People” movie poster. ::

[ Panel 2 ]
JOSEPH: …oh she’s DEFINITELY sexy! I just don’t creep over her like you do with him.
AUTUMN: I’ve seen that “CHRISTIAN STEW” folder on your computer. You AREN’T fooling anyone, creep.

[ Panel 3 ]
JOSEPH: Ok FINE… whatever. I have a celebrity crush! WHO doesn’t?
CADENCE: Psh, I don’t. Celebrity Crushes are STUPID.

[ Panel 4 ]
:: Cut to Cadence’s room, where she clearly has a creepy Ryan Gosling shrine. She is drooling like a mindless sex doll over a Ryan Gosling fan magazine. ::